On Thursday this week, Health Minister Adam Niedzielski informed that until February 14, the existing restrictions on restaurants, pubs, hotels and other sports facilities would remain unchanged. Restaurants, as before, can only provide take-away services; hotels are also closed to people on business trips – except for employees of the hotel and those where health care workers are accommodated.

Disappointed by the government’s decision, representatives of the Polish Gastronomy Chamber of Commerce (IGGP) informed PAP that they would file a case against the Government. The general secretary of IGGP said, “We had a hope that at least they would be able to open on Valentine’s Day (February 14). Now they know that they cannot open. Maybe Government wants to introduce a new date for lover’s Valentine’s Day. Such a shift of the lockdown every two weeks for another two weeks is frivolous and exposes many entrepreneurs to go bankrupt.”

In Poland, there are rumors that the closure of the catering industry may last even until the end of March 2021. Since this is not official information, many entrepreneurs hoped that the opening would take place sooner. “If Government informs their plan in advance, they could decide to liquidate the business and at least they would not fall into huge debts to maintain the non-functioning premises” –said one of the owner of a restaurant

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