The MovieBird International, a company from Opole, south-west Poland, has played its part in the creation of these productions.

They are specialists in the construction of camera cranes, thanks to which the most complex scenes can be shot. The high quality of the Polish company products was recognised by the greatest movie producers from the US, China, Canada and India.

MovieBird has been on the market for the past twenty years. The company, like many other successful ones, started out in a garage. Currently, it employs about 50 people. Every year it produces around 30 film cranes, worth hundred thousands of euro each. Just renting the equipment costs around EUR 440,000.

The company tries to meet all their clients’ specific requirements as they vary between productions. Construction of such a crane can take a year and sometimes a prototype has to be made first which prolongs the process.

The cranes are often used in the biggest movie productions around the world, including both Hollywood and Bollywood, but also in China where they were used during the filming of “The Great Wall”. however, one of the most challenging projects was filming Tom Cruise’s action scenes in “Mission Impossible” on the 135th floor of Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

The company’s products are also used for filming concerts, sports events and the Oscar gala.

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