There was an arrest in Czechowice-Dziedzice, a town in southern Poland, which will surely be remembered by the police men for a long time.

The driver of a Fiat Seicento carried a load twice the size of a car on the roof. On December 3, district officials from the Police Station in Czechowice-Dziedzice noticed a very unusual-looking vehicle. It was a Fiat Seicento that carried a gigantic load on the roof. Police officers immediately stopped the vehicle for inspection. A fiat with such a large load was a threat to road safety. It turned out that luggage is not the only problem of the 51-year-old driver. The technical condition of the car did not allow for its safe use.

It turned out that the 51-year-old was carrying polystyrene in bags placed on the roof of the vehicle. In addition, it also turned out that fiat does not have up-to-date technical tests. The driver was fined with two penalties for the offenses committed.