Jakub Nowakowski, along with his life partner, Paulina Nowakowska founded the Association of Carrom in Poland.

Several years ago, while they were still students, they traveled around India. At one point, they found themselves in the state of Orissa in the city of Puri, and that is where they first encountered this fascinating game. And as observers they watched with delight as players smartly pocketed the coins. They started to play carom there and as they continued their trip around India, they looked for places to play.

When they had to return to Poland, they only brought coins and a striker from India, the board would be too heavy to carry as an extra luggage. They built their own, slightly simplified board at an express pace. It turned out pretty well. After some time, they decided that they needed a better, real Indian carrom board. At the same time, they came up with a great idea to try to encourage and convince people in Poland to this great game. They found it surprising that the carrom has been known for several years in France, Italy, Germany and several other European countries, but not in Poland. Then they decided that we would import a few more boards from India so that they could start promoting carrom in Poland.

And in December 2007, their website dedicated to carrom was created, which they hope, it fulfills its role. They are happy to pass the passion for carrom on.

Listen to this passionate interview with the founder, Jakub Nowakowski by SARA from Ipnews. If you want to join the carrom team in Poland, you can visit their website for more details

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