Lucjan Wesołowski a musician from Poland with an Indian heart, after having frequented the University of Lodz, took an examination to the Ministry of Culture and Art, which gave him the license of a professional singer.

From 1978, he plays various instruments, singing and composes music. He plays the guitar, electric bass, sitar (Indian lute), bamboo flutes, bouzouki (Greek lute), Asian and African lutes, African and Arabian drums & percussion and others. As a singer he had won the first prize of the festival “Sing We the Poetry” (Olsztyn, Poland 1983).

40 years back he took interest to play Sitar. One of his friend from Wroclaw, Poland made a sitar for him and he calls it as a Polish Sitar. Years later, when he got opportunity, he bought a Sitar from India. He along with his 6 other musicians, he records songs in Mumbai and Calcutta in India.

37 years back, he started an Indian Music School at a club called Hybrdy, in Warsaw Poland. He also plays in the Italian group “Shakti Vilas”, which performs the Indian spiritual songs, Bhajan. His Bhajan has won the first prize in a big American competition Just Plain Folks Awards in the category of Indian Classical and Traditional music. It was selected from about 35.000 CDs that arrived from over 70 countries.

He runs personal development workshops, writes articles on spiritual, musical and social topics. You can see his LIVE concerts in his “Facebook page”.

Watch this exclusive interview by SARA, IPnews with Lucjan Wesołowski & Renata Sobczak. Don’t miss to wacth them playing Indian music instruments, sign Indian songs as well as Bhajan.

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