Poland has the fastest growing prices in the entire European Union. In monthly terms, this indicator increased by 0.5%, and annually by 3.6%.

Once again, Poland has the highest inflation in the entire European Union. HCIP inflation in Poland was 3.6% in February 2021, this increased has not changed against the January reading. Across the EU, HCIP inflation was 1.3% in February.

Inflation in Poland and the EU in February 2021 by Eurostat data- Hungary was second [3.3%] and Romania was third [2.5%]. The Czech Republic, precisely due to the hot labor market and the possibility of a boom in inflation, ranks only fourth with the result [2.1%], which is not much more about the inflation target of the local central bank.

In Poland, the result given accordingly to the EU methodology is higher by 1.1% points. However, President argues that there can be no question of normalising monetary policy until the Polish economy enters the path of solid economic growth.

The central bank increasingly believes that the crisis isn’t going to have a lasting impact on the economy, subsequent economic projections are more and more optimistic.

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