Earlier in the day, Health Minister Adam Niedzielski warned that Poland has been hit by an explosion of pandemic over the last two days and we have increases from week to week of 85% and over 100%. Asked what he meant by “drastic” measures, Niedzielski said it would involve stricter enforcement of existing rules about wearing masks indoors and practicing social distancing.

The news of 24,239 new cases and 463 new deaths has created a big panic in the country. In the capitol city of Poland, the National Stadium will be a hospital again. Preparations are underway. Canceling the planned events and moving beds from the warehouse and vaccination center to the stadium, are few of the preparations for the reopening of the Hospital at the National Stadium in Warsaw. The first patients will probably be there next Thursday.

A newborn infected with coronavirus was brought to a hospital in Wrocław. The baby was born five days earlier. His parents also tested positive. Doctors are once again encouraging pregnant women to get vaccinated.

A third dose of the vaccine significantly increases protection against new variants of the coronavirus. Scientists have already identified several SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern that partially escape serum neutralization induced by current vaccines. Previous studies have also shown that vaccines provide reduced protection against symptomatic infection with SARS-CoV-2 variants.

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