In Poland, the number of new coronavirus cases is increasing dramatically. Day before yesterday there were 10,441 new cases and 4 new deaths. Yesterday it was 10,441 new cases and 4 new deaths, and Today it has reached 30,586 new cases and 375 new deaths.

Adam Niedzielski was asked whether, due to the rapidly growing number of new cases, the government will decide to introduce remote learning during a press conference. The head of the Ministry of Health emphasized that it is crucial to maintain stationary learning. However, he admitted that a possible return to remote learning will depend on the situation in hospitals. “The priority of the government when it comes to maintaining and introducing restrictions is to keep stationary learning as long as possible.” says the health minister.

The Polish government is also planning to implement new restrictions. One of the laws which very soon will get into effect is that places like shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, bars etc. will allow people in, if only they are vaccinated.

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