The study, carried out on the recommendation of the Trivago website, showed that 39 percent. residents of Great Britain and the USA are ready to give up sex for a year for the possibility of immediate travel. The study was conducted on a sample of 2,000 people. adult people.

  • Trivago, a website for travelers, interviewed 2,000 Americans and British adults for their travel plans in 2021
  • Four out of ten respondents said they would quit having sex for a year if it allowed them to return to traveling
  • The respondents indicated that in their opinion the lack of sightseeing is one of the worst pandemic restrictions.

  • One in five respondents are willing to break up with their current partner for travel opportunities.
  • 25 percent people interviewed would spend all their savings just to be able to go on tour again.
  • And 48 percent. among American respondents, she would quit her job if it would allow them to explore the world again.
  • A similar opinion is shared by 41 percent. UK respondents.

Traveling is an important part of a sustainable lifestyle, 80 percent said study participants. In their opinion, the inability to travel is one of the worst restrictions introduced by the pandemic. Many people also emphasized that the longing for sightseeing has started to bother them especially recently.

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