Flooding in Germany and Belgium leaves more than 90 dead, 1,300 missing in one district alone! The death toll from devastating floods across parts of western Germany and Belgium has risen above 90, and many more people are missing as rising waters caused several houses to collapse.

For the past few days, Belgium has been plagued by heavy rains that have caused flooding in many parts of the country. The water also flooded the holiday center of the Polish Educational Society in Comblain-la-Tour in Wallonia.

Over 60 Polish children are staying in the holiday center of the Polish School Society in Comblain-la-Tour in the east of Belgium, cut off from the world by the flood. All access roads are flooded. The organizers of the colony are waiting for the evacuation; however, as informed by the Belgian authorities, it is currently impossible.

Now, the building can only be accessed by boat. All access roads are flooded. In some places, the water reaches over a meter deep. Polish children are waiting for the evacuation.

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