Since the World Health Organization has declared a pandemic over coronavirus, the broad guidance regarding physical distancing, had many implications for sexual well-being. We still don’t have enough data about the impact on the intimate relationships or the sexual life of people. Most of the health agencies recommended the following, which led to a change in people’s sexual behavior:

  • Singles who are living alone should not have sex with people who do not live with them;
  • People can have sex with someone they live with and shows no symptoms if they both feel well and avoid contact with people outside their household.

Because many COVID-19–infected people are asymptomatic, Health Care Providers were left with little to offer beyond guidance to not engage in any in-person sexual activity.

Masturbation with Pizza dough:

People specially those who are single started exploring different alternatives to satisfy themselves. Once such an alternative is to masturbate with dough for pizza. As customers are not allowed to enter restaurants, all over Poland, in few pizza places there are very few employees working.

One such case has come to limelight in Poland.

According to local media reports, an employee of a pizzeria was supposed to record a video for a dating site showing how a naked person simulates sex with a dough. He was masturbating with the pizza dough. Once he got satisfied, he made pizza from the same dough and sent it out for food delivery.

More information on this matter will be provided by the Department of Health in the coming days.

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