Teachers’ Day in Poland is celebrated every year on October 14. It is this day commemorating the anniversary of the establishment of the National Education Commission, which was established on the initiative of King Stanisław August Poniatowski, and implemented by the Partition Parliament on October 14, 1773.

Tomorrow, 14 October 2021, students and teachers all over Poland will celebrate Teacher’s Day.  Until now, it has happened that on the occasion of the National Education Day 2021, schools and other educational institutions organize, among others: ceremonial academies, performances, as well as events to promote and commemorate this day. 

Students who hoped that they would be free from lessons that day will be severely disappointed. On Teachers’ Day 2021, classes will be held as normal. But the tradition of buying presents for teachers will follow as always. Teachers will plan some special lesson for kids. Students those who do not attend the school tomorrow will be marked absent.

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