Is it a magic that corona disappeared in Tanzania since April 29, 2020! The last new case reported there was on April 2020. Since then, why was no one infected? Do they have the cure? Did they invent any new vaccine?

NO. This is what happened… President John Magufula’s services had some samples tested, and the test results were positive. The thing is that, as the presidential administration revealed a few days later, these were samples taken from papaya and goat, which was not been previously revealed to the testing laboratory. A scandal broke out and the president decided that Tanzania would stop using foreign tests, and since it does not have, any of its own, it will not conduct mass testing at all. As a result, to this day they are dealing with the situation that the test is performed individually, on the doctor’s order. Moreover, the result is disclosed only to that person. Therefore, the latest published data on coronavirus cases in Tanzania is from April 29 this year. And since there is no set data, there is also no great fear in the public, and from the beginning of May the Tanzanian authorities began to ease restrictions.

Is there any lesson we can learn from this situation?