Recently Prime minister of Poland introduced curfew hours on New Year’s Eve. It stated that people are not allowed to go out of the house from 7pm on 31 December to 6AM on 1 January.

In order to follow these curfew hours, a law would be needed which is approved by the court to stop people from going out of the house, or to introduce curfew hours.

However, few Polish lawyers alerted that proper approved law could only restrict freedom of movement. Therefore, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki admitted his mistake in the ban on leaving the house on New Year’s Eve, and said that now there is no time left to fix this mistake. He simply requests people to use common sense and stay home. “They can save thousands of lives. We should treat this with deadly seriousness. New Year’s Eve party is something joyful, and this year we don’t have a joyful moment due to Pandemic” – says Morawiecki

During the conference, RMF FM journalist Krzysztof Zasada asked , If people will face penalty if they go out on New Year’s Eve.  Police representative Mariusz Ciarka, replied: “Our priority will be to control drivers who might drive under the influence of alcohol and secondly the people who consume alcohol in public places “.

His reply shows very clear, that there is no ban on going out on New Year’s eve. Just that drinking in the public places and driving after drinking alcohol is prohibited, which indeed is a regular law in Poland.

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