During the press conference, the Minister of Health announced the new rules for masks. From Saturday, February 27, new regulations enter into force. It will be prohibited to cover the mouth and nose with Face shields, scarves, handkerchiefs, and any other designer cloths as masks.

Face shields can still be used as an additional protection on top of the mask.

Which masks are recommended?

Surgical masks: Surgical masks are disposable covers that are usually worn by medical professionals as personal protective equipment (PPE) during surgeries or other procedures. Surgical masks are designed to protect against large respiratory droplets but don’t protect against smaller droplets. They are effective for helping protect others around you if you are a carrier of the virus. While these masks are ideal for one-time usage, they also present a few challenges – namely that they can’t be washed and reused like cloth masks.

FFP1/FFP2/FFP3: FFP masks and other professional-grade medical masks are carefully sized to form a tight seal between the air outside and the face. Respirators are highly effective when professionally fitted. When worn correctly, they can block at least 95% of small airborne particles. These respirators are great at protecting both the wearer and the people around the wearer.

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