Pedestrians in Poland are to have priority at road crossings regardless of wether they are waiting to cross or already on the crossing. The set of amendments to Poland’s road laws signed into law by the president also includes changes to the speed limit in built-up ares and bans the use of mobile phones while crossing.

Unlike most Europeans countries, up till now drivers in Poland were not required to give way to pedestrians waiting at crossings, but only those who had already stepped onto the stripes. This is to change as of 1 June , as part of a new package of amendments to Poland’s traffic code signed by President Andrzej Duda on Friday, and announced on Monday.

Cars and buses will be required to give way to pedestrians both when they are waiting by the side of the road and when they have begun crossing. Tram drivers are only required to give way to pedestrians who are already crossing the road.

In a further change, the speed limit in built-up areas will be 50km/h at all times of day and night. Cars driving on highways will also need to keep a distance from the vehicle in front amounting to at last half the number of metres of the speed at which they are travelling {in km/h} , unless they are overtaking.The new laws also ban the use of mobile phones or other devices which impair pedestrians’ vision or other perception while crossing the road or railways tracks.
The amendments made to Poland’s traffic laws to “significantly reduce mortality on the roads”.

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