The dream of a mortar homage to President Trump in Poland is dead. Polish officials now say “Fort Trump” was always more of a symbolic construct than a real-life structure. And it was intended to describe an increased U.S. military commitment to the country. Even as Mr. Trump moves to overhaul the U.S. troop presence in Germany and other parts of Europe, the Pentagon says it is taking other steps to solidify an American footprint in Poland, including moving hundreds of U.S. Army V Corps soldiers from Kentucky to a new overseas headquarters in the Polish city of Poznan. But the EDCA did not mention a new physical military base in Poland. That concept seems to have been pushed to the back burner during negotiations in 2019.

It’s unclear whether the incoming Biden administration will allow all of those moves to continue on schedule. “I believe that our partnership is above political divisions,” Mr. Duda said at the EDCA ratification ceremony at the Presidential Palace this month. “We are waiting for the new U.S. president to take office.”