On April 15, we will launch a pilot for drive-thru points, on April 20, universal vaccination points will start, on April 23, vaccinations by individual rescuers and nurses will begin, in May – vaccinations in pharmacies, and at the turn of May and June – at workplaces – he announced during the conference head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Michał Dworczyk.

  • The government’s plenipotentiary for vaccination gave specific dates for the launch of the pilot for the new forms of vaccination
  • The delivery of Johnson & Johnson is expected later this month, which is to be used primarily by exit points
  • He announced that the first pilotage of drive-thru points will be launched on April 15 , and the first public vaccination points will start on April 20 On April 23, vaccinations by individual rescuers and nurses will begin, in May vaccinations will start in pharmacies , and at the turn of May and June – in workplaces.

We prepare the infrastructure, procedures, all organizational solutions, but we cannot use it one hundred percent yet. Why? Because we don’t have enough vaccines all the time. But we are preparing in such a way that when these vaccines reach Poland, we will no longer think about organizing new points, forms, procedures, but we will immediately start vaccinating as many people as possible.

Vaccination records for subsequent years

Michał Dworczyk also reminded that people aged 59 (born in 1962) will be able to sign up for the vaccination next Monday, i.e. April 12.

– Then we can accelerate a little or slow down a bit , depending on how much interest in the registration will be and how vaccine producers will fulfill the deliveries declared to Poland – he stressed.

The schedule assumes that from April 12, records will be launched daily for subsequent years, starting from 1962 , i.e. for people who did not notify their readiness for vaccinations at the beginning of the year. This process will last until April 24, when 1973 will be eligible for enrollment.

At the moment, people aged 40-59 who filled in such an application in January, February or March are registered for vaccinations. People aged 60 and over are vaccinated at the same time.

– We have to be flexible in this process, because there are many variables here. One variable, unfortunately not fully influenced by the government, is the delivery of vaccines to Poland. The second variable is the interest itself in individual age groups, said the head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.

The government plenipotentiary for vaccination was asked at a press conference in Skierniewice whether the latest deliveries will include a single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine, if so – in what quantities and whether it can speed up the vaccination process. After April 18, we expect two deliveries, by the end of this month, in the number of three hundred and several dozen thousand vaccines. These vaccines will be primarily used by departure points to the sick or bedridden people – those who cannot reach the vaccination point on their own, replied the head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.

If these vaccines arrive in accordance with the manufacturer’s declarations, then they will also be attached to the points and made available at these regular vaccination points, of which we have over 6.5 thousand in the country – Dworczyk added.

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