Netto took over the Polish business. The Danish network will grow twice in Poland. Salling Group concluded an agreement with Tesco to buy the Polish part of the British business in June 2020.

In addition to the strong growth in online food sales this year, the expansion in Poland is a cornerstone of the overall strategy of the Salling Group and in the next 18 months we will double our Operations in Poland, becoming a significant player in one of the largest markets in Europe.

Tesco stores will change the signboard, decor and offer. All Tesco supermarkets the will undergo transformation, will operate on accordance with Netto 3.0 concept implemented by the discount chain in recent years.

Whatever possible, the staff of the new Netto stores will be employees of the former Tesco, the employee will undergo a training program to prepare them for work in accordance with the standards applicable in their new workplace.

Thanks to the takeover of over 300 Tesco stores, the Netto chain will grow to almost 700 outlets in the country.

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