During today’s press conference of the Minister of Health, he informed about the huge number of new COVID-19 infections. He also admitted that the Ministry of Health has prepared a package of three projects, which will be presented on Friday 21 Jan 2022.

One out of these three projects is: All pharmacies in Poland will be converted a s a testing point.

Until now, quick antigen tests to detect coronavirus infection could be done at some testing points, or you can also buy them yourself in pharmacies. “At the moment we are working on making the availability of testing possible in every pharmacy in Poland. So that every citizen can enter the pharmacy and perform an antigen test, which will be entered into the central database. So that we can include these people under epidemic supervision” – said the minister on Wednesday.

On the other hand, Deputy Minister, Kraska said that there are over 13,000 pharmacies in Poland. And perhaps not all of them will allow for quick testing. The wave of the more contagious variant of the Omikron has created an increased demand in some countries for rapid antigen tests, which not only allow you to find out in a quarter of an hour whether you are infected, but are also much cheaper than PCR tests.

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