The participants of the happening entered the interior of the clothing store and stood in the shop windows. They covered themselves with cards with the slogans of the manifesto against “fast fashion”. The manifestation of opposition to shopping madness drew the attention of many passers-by, mainly young people. Among the observers of the happening, there were opinions that excessive purchases are too often the result of an impulse, not real needs.

“I’m not paying for the disaster. I prefer to be naked ”– reads the inscription on the sheets stuck to the body.

Aggressive marketing and sales, as embodied in Black Friday, the international celebration of consumerism, are driving people to over-buy. The fashion industry is at the forefront, while at the same time contributing to the escalation of the climate crisis, environmental degradation and violation of human rights. Extinction Rebellion activists want to draw attention to the need to introduce systemic changes that will be able to stop it.