Jana Pawła II and Obywatelska cross roads in Lodz is considered as a devil’s crossing as it seems to be an unlucky one. On November 2020 there was a tragic accident at this crossing – Audi crashed into a truck. A 25-year-old Audi driver and a 19-year-old passenger died on the spot. And yesterday, Saturday 20 February 2021, another accident at the same crossing of al. John Paul II and Obywatelska, occurred where seven cars collided! The sight of the accident looked horrible, with all broken car parts spread around!

The 28-year-old BMW driver collided with a Renault, a Mercedes, a Toyota, a VW and two Fiats.  The driver of BMW suffered the most serious injuries. Four others are admitted in the hospital in severe condition. The driver of BMW may be imprisoned for up to 8 years. The investigators dealing with the case ask the witnesses of the incident to contact the Polish prosecutor’s office or the Road Traffic Department of the City Police Headquarters in Łódź.

The police urge drivers to be very careful. The temperatures goes above zero during the day, but during nighttime, they fall below zero. This makes the road surfaces very slippery.

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