The hosts and contestants came together to announce the winner of the highly awaited pageant.

  • Fourth Runner Up – Mr Spain
  • Third Runner Up – Mr Nepal
  • Second Runner Up – Mr Venezuela
  • First Runner Up – Mr Togo

Mr Supranation 2021 is Mr Peru’s Varo Vargas. India’s representative Rahul Rajasekharan made it to the Top 10 with his charm, charisma and effortless fashion choices. During the competitions held during the pageant, Rahul won Mister Supra Chat. 

Top 10: 

  • Mr Nepal
  • Mr Spain 
  • Mr Togo
  • Mr Malta
  • Mr India – Rahul Rajashekaran
  • Mr Dominican Republic 
  • Mr Mexico 
  • Mr Venezuela
  • Mr Peru
  • Mr Indonesia 

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