Mother, Padmaja is a teacher and a gold medalist in MSc Mathematics. Father, Purushotham is a Chemistry professor.  Their two daughters, Alekhya (27) and Sai Divya (22) had been unwell for a week and complained to their mother that they were experiencing breathlessness and had seen imaginary people in the house. The younger daughter had forced the mother to kill her, as she could not bear the torture of some unseen forces. The girl had threatened to commit suicide if they failed to kill her. Therefore, the mother decided to beat her with dumb-bells until she died. A few hours later, elder daughter Alekhya, also under the influence of occult practices, had reportedly forced the parents to kill her. So both father and mother followed through the elder daughter’s suggestion around late evening, and killer her. This is the version said by the couple.

There’s another version of the incident. Alekhya had turned excessively spiritual and had experimented with the ritual of rebirth by killing her pet dog initially. The reports said that when Sai Divya fell ill, their parents believed that she was possessed by an evil spirit and Alekhya convinced them of getting rid of the evil by beating her sister to death with a dumbbell. She then asked her mother to do the same ritual to her and bring both of them to life.

While Police arrested the couple, mother kept shouting in English: “I am Lord Shiva. Shiva is come. Work is done.” She claimed that she had created coronavirus and she herself was coronavirus. Police have collected CCTV footage and are verifying if there was an outsider, under whose influence Alekhya and Sai Divya were killed. The real scenario of the incident is still unknown.

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