Culinary Olympics takes place once in four years, and it is the biggest culinary competition in the world. Conceived by a group of German chefs in 1896 with an aim to promote German cuisine to the world while receiving impulses from other cooking cultures, the first competition was in 1900 in Frankfurt with four nations participating. The 2012 event involved 54 nations with 1,600 participating chefs, with Sweden coming in first place, Norway placing second and Germany in third.

And this year, before the coronavirus pandemic was declared, there were close to 2,000 chefs participating from across 59 countries. A 16-year-old boy, Yeshwanth Kumar from Chennai represented India at the Culinary Olympics 2020, which was held in Stuttgart, Germany, in February 2020.  Yeshwanth participated in four different competitions. There are various qualifying rounds before one can make it to the finals. With patience and dedication, in the final round, Yeshwanth won silver medals in all four competitions that he participated.

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