A hospital in Warsaw, Luxmed wasted 90 vaccines on COVID-19. It is because of failure to follow the procedures related to the storage of the vaccine. Vaccines produced by Pfizer should be stored at a temperature of about -75ºC. The parcel, which should be immediately put into a cold store, was left at the building’s reception desk for several hours.

Now Luxmed and the company Pharmalink, which supplied the vaccines, blame each other for the situation. Hospital officials say the Pharmalink courier did deliver the vaccine, but left the package at the hospital’s general reception desk when medical staff waited for it at the front desk on the first floor. Moreover, according to Luxmed’s report, the supplier did not inform the person receiving the parcel that it contains vaccine and it should be stored at an appropriate temperature. However, Pharmalink claims that the order had been processed correctly.

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