The year 2021 is going to be unfriendly for our pockets due to the new tax system, which is being implemented by the Polish government.

Here is the list of products for which we will start paying more:

  1. Sugar (increase by 10%)
  2. Bread (increase by 15%)
  3. Meat (increase by 15%)
  4. Eggs (increase by 7%)
  5. Milk & diary products (increase by 3.5%)
  6. Vegetables (increase by 3%)
  7. Energy drinks (increase by 10%)
  8. Juice (increase by 10%)
  9. Carbonated drinks (increase by 10%)
  10. Drinks with caffeine (increase by 35%)

Due to this increase, we may pay more at the catering industry, coffee shops and restaurants. And the alcohol price is increasing by 25%.

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