Travelling to different shores is a delightful opportunity that life presents, especially if you want to gather new experiences to enrich your mind, and explore the far reaches of this world. But imagine how it would be if your host country lets you enjoy a good drive as well, sure, a flat tire mid- way set you back, but there is nothing like a road trip on foreign roads. The places we picked here are relatively popular, the memories are bound to be priceless because you will be allowed to drive easily on your Indian License.

GERMANY – {Right Lane] If you are on a short trip to Germany your DL will be accepted, it is still advisable to keep an IDP or translation of your DL.

GREAT BRITAIN – [Left Lane] The trio England, Scotland and Wales lets Indian tourists drive for a period of one year, the only down side is that you can drive the class of vehicle your license mentions.

AUSTRALIA – [Left Lane] While you can drive around with Indian DL, Northern Territory debars Indian tourists to do so, and the only vehicle allowed is that stated in your license.

NEW ZEALAND – [LeftLane] The License must be in english and you can drive around for one year, If not in english head to an approved translator, and get it stamped by New Zealand Transport agency.

SWITZERLAND – [Right Lane] You can easily use your Indian DL for up to one year, and enjoy the beauty of Swiss Alps.

SOUTH AFRICA – [Left Lane] You can explore South Africa with your Indian DL, the key is to ensure license is valid, it is in english with your photo and signature. Car rental companies ask for IDP, for renting vehicle.

SWEDEN – [Right Lane] Your DL must be translated in either of these languages German or French, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian, along with photograph and authorised ID proof.

SINGAPORE – [Left Lane] License must be in english and carry a copy of IDP.

HONG KONG – [LeftLane] Your indian DL is valid for up to one year.

MALAYSIA – [Left Lane] license must be in English, if not as an alternative use an IDP.

USA – [Right Lane] First, seek the right information about the use of driving license from the motor vehicle department of the state you are visiting. There are some states ask for an IDP and a DL.

Recently Saudi Arabia allowed the visitors on short visit to use indian DL.

*IDP – International Driving Permit.

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