The light bulb campaign on the streets of Polish cities appeared in February. The billboards stated slogans that the European Union and its climate policy are responsible for the rise of electricity cost. It is about advertising in which citizens learn that the European Union is responsible for 60% of energy costs.This advertisement met a wave of negative comments, and activists immediately took action.

The WWF Polska Foundation has announced that it is filing a complaint with the Advertising Council and demands the removal of the advertisement. The bulb campaign worth PLN 12 million was officially signed by the Economic Society of Polish Power Plants, and it it consisted of five companies of the State Treasury – Enea Połaniec, Enea Wytwarzanie, PGE GiEK, TAURON Wytwarzanie, PGNiG Termika and Energa.

“The consequence of manipulations such as this may be the further rising energy prices by slowing down the energy transformation, which is a fundamental threat to humanity,” argues the WWF Poland Foundation.

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