The Srivakratund Vinayagar temple in Melborne is the only temple in the Southern Hemisphere of the earth outside India, built of granite stones. This temple of Lord Ganesha has recently been opened with a new look. The design of the temple is derived from the Brihadisvara temple of World Heritage Thanjavur.

According to Bala Kandia, the chairman of the temple committee, the construction of the temple was to end in June last year, but it was postponed due to coronavirus. It had cost 20 crores rupees. Apart from Ganesha temple, 11 temples of other deities have also been built here.

Bala Kandia, chairman of the managing committee of the Sri Vakratund Vinayagar Temple, explains that the Tamil Hindus had to leave the coutry as soon as the planetary war started in Sri Lanka in 1998. He took refuge in Australia. There was no South Indian temple in Melborne, so people resolved to built the temple. There are 1200 different stones of 350 tons of granite, one on top of the other, in 17 layers. Granites stones were carved by 100 artisans from Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu, the sent to Australia.

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