Hailing from the state of Kerala, Hariprasad Sukumaran has been painting since he was five years old. When it comes to hyper-realistic paintings, he is one of the best painters in India. The most significant thing about Hariprasad’s works is his details in picturing the eyes of his subjects. He has an absolute mastery over it and this is what he considers as his forte. He is a personification of creativity and persistence. He has been teaching the same to his students as well.

He has been painting for 25 years now and he loves to paint portraits. Other than these breath-taking paintings that he makes, he is also an assistant professor in a college in Tamil Nadu and has two amazing short films to his name out of which he has directed one and produced the other and looking forward to an adventurous journey that life has to offer to him.

When you look at Hariprasad’s paintings, you will be amazed. He is a talented artist who paints life-like pictures that immediately draw people in. His paintings will deceive your eyes and if you are not careful enough, you might end up believing that they are actual photographs. His paintings have been part of national and international exhibitions, and one of his paintings: Nostalgia, was auctioned by Poland Art Exhibition organization and he was awarded silver medal at national level Spot Painting Competition

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