As we had announced earlier, we are starting to publish articles and interviews about the successful Indians living in Poland. This is our first one, and we had chosen to interview Mr. J J Singh, not only because of his position and his business activities, but also because of his kind heart and his supportive nature in helping Indians in Poland.

Mr.J J Singh is the president of IPCCI (Indopolish Chamber of Commerce and Industries), a founder member of Gurudwara, and the CEO of Weco Travels in Poland. He is very supportive in nature and has never turned back anyone who approached him for help. Not only many Indians consider him as a leader, but we also consider the same.

Mr Singh is from New Delhi, India. He started his career by working for Polish LOT airlines. He met his wife in India, and in the 80’s he moved to Poland with his wife. It was the time when Poland was changing and it was not easy for foreigners to make a fortune. But thanks to his hard work and determination, today he has achieved a tremendous success.

Let’s take a closer look about his life, and what challenges he faced to achieve success

Video credit: Nitin Tripathi

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