Poland is hoping a switch to EVs can help its auto sector catch up with regional rivals including the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Poland has choosen the southern industrial region of Silesia as the site of an electric-vehicle factory it hopes will boost its auto sector, but state-owned ElectroMobility [EMP] said that production would start later than planned.

EMP plans to launch SUV and hatchback models under the brand name IZERA and has already unveiled prototypes for the vehicles.The models are styled by Italy’s Torino Design.

To lessen the risk, EMP said it will licence the vehicle’s platform from a foreign partner but has not yet named the company.

The factory will be located in Jaworzno in Silesia, EMP said . IT will create about 15,000 jobs, with 3,000 at the plant itself and 12,000 among suppliers and subcontractors.

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