Will you go shopping on Valentine’s day? Which stores are open on Sunday -14 February? When are trading Sunday’s in 2021? Here you will find trading Sunday’s calender.

February 14 is not a trading Sunday, but due to exceptions to the trade ban, they are open, among others, gas stations or Zabka stores. In the announcement regarding the opening of Zabka stores on non-trading Sunday’s, the decision to open a store will be made by the franchisees themselves, and information on opening hours will be available in individual areas. The location and opening hours of stores can also be checked in the zappka application.

The first trading Sunday in 2021 was January 31. According to the law on restricting trade on Sunday’s, we will wait for the next one until March 28.

There are 7 commercial Sunday’s in 2021

  1. January 31
  2. March 28
  3. April25
  4. June27
  5. August 29
  6. December 12 & 18

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