International Women’s Day is observed to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Every year, the day is observed on March 8 with the purpose to support a platform that helps forge positive change for women.

From being an efficient homemaker to running a campaign, launching an initiative, reporting an achievement, and many more, women have proven their mettle in every sphere across the world.

Work place all over the world should target women much more aggressively now. Everyone should emphasis the need to get women back into workforce and make the workplace more conducive by those who are already in it.

As world slowly battling its way out of the pandemic with the vaccination drive, new models of work and innovative thinking on the part of employers can create positive outcomes for women. Women have suffered tremendously during pandemic, especially those who were already facing domestic violence, but there may well be some silver linings.

Traditionally Women has to take care of the household work and children, have resulted in millions of women either having to stay out of jobs, drop out or miss opportunities to acquire the appropriate skills or educational qualifications to build a career.

A range of sectors now allow employees to work from anywhere. This can benefit women, for whom lack of mobility and distance to office, not to mention household cores, have meant a decrease in career opportunities. Flexibility in the workplace will give them more choices, though this transformation will take time.

If location and time are not factors, more women are likely to stay on in a job after having children, which gives continuity in service and hence better chances at career progression. New work models will bring, apart from more work from home opportunities, possibilities of fewer days a week in the workplace for many. So that world not loose out on so much of talent {WOMEN} waiting to be tapped if only conditions are enabling.

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