As part of a social experiment, Reader’s Digest magazine came up with a list of the world’s “most honest” cities. Called the ‘Lost Wallet’ experiment, it involved dropping a purse with a cell phone number, a family photo and money equivalent to $50 or Rs 4,000. The aim of the experiment was to find out how many items were returned by people

The city to fare most poorly in this experiment was Lisbon in Portugal. Only one out of the twelve wallets was returned. To top it off, the couple in their sixties who returned the single wallet, were visiting from Holland. All of the rest were taken, complete with the money and other things, the report added.

London at ninth, Slovenia’s Ljubljana at eight, Berlin at seven, Amsterdam at sixth place, Moscow at fifth, New York City at fourth, and Budapest is at third place of the most honest city in the World.

Taking the second position was India’s Mumbai, having returned nine of the twelve wallets. According to Reader’s Digest, some of those who returned the wallets were a 27-year-old video-editor, a mother of two and three young adults.

Helsinki, Finland topped the list of the most honest cities, with 11 wallets being returned from the dozen that were dropped for the experiment.

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