On January 2021, India kicked off its mass vaccination program with the aim of vaccinating at least 300 million citizens on a priority basis, making it the world’s largest vaccination drive of its kind. Now, Indians are browsing the web to find a homemade cure for COVID-19. “How to make a covid vaccine at home” was among Google’s top trending searches, says Google Trends analysis. In India since the beginning of the pandemic, homemade remedies such as honey, ginger, and turmeric, were widely shared through social media and WhatsApp messages.

On the contrary, last September, scientists around the world began testing out unproven versions of DIY vaccines on themselves and their friends. In fact, one scientist even began selling his homemade vaccine on Facebook.  Meanwhile, thousands of people in Sri Lanka gathered to drink a miracle liquid concoction made by a self-styled holy man using ingredients like nutmeg, coriander and other herbs. While some government officials supported this cure, at least two politicians in the country contracted COVID-19 despite drinking the solution. 

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