A 46-year-old ward boy, Mahipal employed in a district hospital in Moradabad died a day after receiving the vaccine for COVID-19. He received the vaccine shot at noon on January 16. On January 17, he complained of chest pain and breathlessness during the day and by the time he was taken to the hospital for treatment he was declared dead.

The State government released a report based on the autopsy and said that Mahipal died of cardiogenic and shock due to a cardiopulmonary disease. On the contrary, Mahipal Singh’s son Vishal told reporters that he believed his father died due to the side effects of the vaccine.

At hospitals and vaccination centers in major Indian cities — from Mumbai to New Delhi — a total of 224,301 people received vaccines over the weekend, according to data released by the federal health ministry. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the program with a speech addressing more than 3,300 centers across India, where the first shots were given.

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