Hats off to the Government of India who really cared about its citizens and organized “Operation Ganga” to help Indians from the War hit Ukraine. Operation Ganga was an evacuation operation by the Government of India to evacuate the Indian citizens amidst the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, who had crossed over to neighboring countries.

The Indian Embassy in Ukraine had started a registration drive for Indians in the month of January 2022. Around 20,000 Indians had registered. In view of the continued buildup of tensions in February, the Embassy issued an advisory on 15 February 2022, advising Indians in Ukraine whose stay isn’t essential to leave the country temporarily. It also advised Indians not to travel to Ukraine or undertake non-essential movements within Ukraine.

War on Ukraine broke down on 24 February and Operation Ganga was launched on February 26 to evacuate nearly 20,000 Indian nationals who were stuck in Ukraine amid the conflict. Evacuation of Indians from Ukraine was challenging but it was successful only because of PM Modi’s intervention. Along with the Indian nationals, students from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal were also rescued, for which the whole World appreciated PM Modi.

Today 31 March 2022, the first advisory has been circulated among the Indian nationals residing in Poland. They have been given an online registration form to be filled in by the Indians in Poland.

If you are an Indian citizen residing in Poland, “Click here” to fill in the registration form.

If you are an Indian student studying in Poland, “Click here” to fill in the registration form.

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