Bright Beginners is an international, English-speaking kindergarten in Wroclaw. Thanks to the presence of native speakers from the UK and the USA, children of Polish origin acquire English in a completely natural way. They invite a special guest once a month to promote cultural diversity.

On 24 February 2021, Dancers from Indie Beats: Manu, Deepika and Sandra presented various facts about India – Map, Festivals, Dance forms and Food, to the kids from the Bright Beginners. They dressed kids with Indian traditional outfit and they conducted a short dance workshop with Dandiya dance movements.

“Bright Beginners Preschool, as an International school we are keen to learn about other countries and cultures. Every month we invite a guest from a country to share with us about his/ her country. This is to instill and teach about different cultures, music, cuisines etc. from other parts of the world. It also helps our kids to be open respect diversity and people from other cultures.” – says the representative of Bright Beginners.

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