India-Poland News awards Ghavish Vedaanth Gouthaman, as a Super kid. He is a 8 year old super talented boy who lives in Wroclaw, Poland. He has a wide range of hobbies; Skating, solving Rubik cubes, playing tennis, Ice skating and Gardening just to name a few. He is a mathematician and he has tremendous interest in science. His aim is to become a scientist.

He also runs a YouTube channel Tag for time pass with GV, where he publishes many educational videos. Most of them are related to science, such as why do we blink eyes, why do we sneeze, why do we yawn etc. Few of his videos are so amazing that will make you wonder how a 8-year old boy process such a huge knowledge about Fibonacci sequence, black hole etc. He speaks English, Polish, German and Tamil.

Watch this exclusive interview with our Super Kid, Ghavish Vedaanth Gouthaman by the host of IPnews,  Ms.Rudra Suresh

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