Kevin Olsen, 53-year-old master of taekwondo with a sixth-degree black belt said, “When COVID-19 hit, martial artists from around the world and in Canada were devastated. They could not train the way they used to and many instructors of various martial arts were not able to teach. “

He called the demonstration as “Break for Breakthrough”. Over 100 martial artists from different corners of the world screamed one loud “kihap” and broke wooden boards in half as a symbol of breaking free from their pandemic fatigue. That is how he got the idea to create Break for a Breakthrough.

Young and old martial artists and instructors from India, Poland, Canada and Malaysia joined the online demonstration Saturday afternoon to re-energize and reconnect with martial arts. “What we did today individually, also collectively, we focused our emotional, physical and mental energy to break a board and break COVID’s hold on us,” said the participants.

Breaking is a test of your mental ability to concentrate and focus when you are nervous. In addition, a very, very important thing, probably the single most important thing in taekwondo, is your ability to handle pressure. Participants who were able break the board on their first try would have felt a little sting in their hand. However, if for those who did not, it might have stung a lot.

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