As of 20 March 2021, the World meter of Corona virus gives the list where USA is on the top, India at the third place and Poland in the 14th place. Calculating only the number of cases is not a proper math. Worst hit country list has to be prepared by calculating the percentage of the total number of cases against the population of that country.

India’s total number of cases as of Saturday 20 March 2021, is 11,598,710. It is taking the 3rd place in the list of worst hit countries in the World. However, India is not one among the worst hit countries. The population of India is 1,389,716,105 as of 20 March 2021. And if we calculate the percentage of the people infected, it clearly shows that only 0.83% of the population were infected with corona.

Poland’s total number of cases has surpassed 2 million as of Saturday 20 March 2021, according to Health Ministry data, as Poland grapples with a third wave of the pandemic. Poland has had 2,010,244 cases and 48,807 deaths in total since the start of the pandemic, the ministry data showed. Poland had 25,998 new coronavirus cases on Friday. So about 5.39% of the population got infected with corona.

To compare the percentage with other countries, in USA, about 9.17% of the population is infected, Brazil with 5.59%, Russia with 3.05%, Spain with 6.89% and Czechia with the highest amount in the World with 13.61%.

In addition, the most interesting fact is that, only 0.01% of the population of China got infected with Corona virus, one of the lowest in the World!

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