European commission suggest that planes between the bloc and the U.K. will continue to fly. Travel between the UK and the EU will become a lot more complicated in the new year.until now Brexit has been something of an esoteric intellectual exercise — but all that ends on January 1. U.K. citizens travelling to the EU will need to ensure their passport has at least six months validity remaining and is less than 10 yrs old.
Here are some of the things to be aware of if you’re travelling between the United Kingdom and EU come January.
PASSPORT AND VISAS – Citizens of EU visiting Britain can, from the new year, still travel using their passport and I.D. card and won’t need a visa for short stays upto three months.
HEALTH CARDS – European citizens are recommended to take out private health insurance when travelling to Britain, as the EHIC won’t be valid in U.K.
DRIVING LICENSES – EU citizens driving in Britain won’t need an international driving permit. But they will need proof of insurance.
PET VISAS – Under the current EU pet passport scheme, cats, dogs and ferrets can travel freely between EU and U.K. with rabies injection to pet, microchip and pet passport.
MOBILE ROAMING – If you have SIM card issued by a mobile phone network from an EU or EEA country, YOU have to pay the same for the calls.

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