Home furnishings retailer Ikea is to launch a program to help suppliers in India, Poland and China transit to 100 per cent renewable electricity. Under this initiative, the company would invest and support nearly 1,600 direct suppliers.

The retail major is striving for 100 per cent renewable energy throughout the entire value chain. The program will be introduced in 2021 for suppliers in Poland, China and India, who represent three of IKEA’s largest purchasing countries. By switching to renewable electricity, these suppliers will save 670,000 tons of emissions per year, which is equivalent to approximately three per cent of the total climate footprint of the retailer’s value chain.

Henrik Elm, Global Supply Manager of Ikea said, “India is one of IKEA’s largest purchasing countries, and we are excited to adopt this program in this market. We have a long-term perspective and the financial strength to invest in activities and support our suppliers to have a positive impact on people and the planet. By working together, we can make renewable electricity both more affordable and accessible.”

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