Recently in Poland, there’s a big craze for ice cream, “Ekipa”! Tons of people rushing to supermarkets and fighting to buy this ice cream. Not just to eat this ice cream, but to sell that paper wrap after eating that ice cream!

Here’s the story, what’s going on with this ice-cream craze:

There’s a popular Polish YouTube group called “Friz”. They are one of the most popular channel on Polish YouTube. They, from time to time, break record with the number of views on their YouTube platform. They have a huge following, mostly young people, who spend loads of time in social media.

They created a video in cooperation with Koral about ice cream. It became such a great hit that the ordinary ice cream paper wraps landed at online auctions. It’s value soared immediately – over PLN 200,000. There’s such a big demand for this ice cream now, that the company has increased its production.

It may sound like a joke, but even in TikTok, videos marked with the hashtag #lodyekipy have already exceeded 115 million views. Considering that, some auctions have been landed in Allegro with absurd amounts, such as PLN 700,000 for three ice cream, PLN 70,000 for a single package etc. Few of the auctions are already been closed, but if you are lucky enough, you can still witness these auctions by clicking this link: “lodyekipy

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