Turkey, Greece, Egypt – these are the countries where we will spend our holidays this year. At least those booked through travel agencies. Importantly, the price of such a trip does not have to be much higher than that of a self-organized holiday. Many people wait until the last minute to decide where and when they want to leave. 

Tunisia and Spain are in the top five of the most popular holiday destinations in 2021, followed by Turkey, Greece and Egypt, and Bulgaria, Poland, Croatia, Cyprus and Albania in the top ten.  for a 7-day all-inclusive stay in Turkey, we will pay PLN 1700 per person, and PLN 2300-2900 per person for a stay in the most popular, highest rated hotels by customers. If we decide to take a holiday before the high season (July / August), we will pay PLN 2000-2300 / person for a stay in the most popular hotels

A week in Greece with Holidays.pl in a 3-4-star hotel with half board (breakfast + dinner) costs about PLN 2000-2100 per person , and 7 days all inclusive in the most popular hotels is an expense of PLN 2400-2900 per person . It is cheaper in June – the cost of such holidays will be from PLN 2,100 / person. On the other hand, in Egypt we will rest from PLN 1980, and a stay in highly rated hotels costs about PLN 3,000 per person in July and August. If we decide to take a holiday before the high season, e.g. in June, we will book holidays in these hotels from about PLN 2,100-2600 / person. 

Turkey, Greece and Egypt are the destinations that dominate the offer of another popular tourist agent. Bulgaria ranks fourth, Spain fifth and Tunisia sixth. Croatia is still popular, which, unlike other Mediterranean countries, we most often visit by car.

– It has become commonplace, we used to go to Yugoslavia or Bulgaria, now to Croatia. Croatia is worth exploring by car, you lose a lot while sitting in one place. Croats have liberalized the rules for entering the country, vaccinated people and convalescents are released from quarantine, the country also accepts antigen tests, not only PCR.

Assuming that we are flying to Rhodes from Warsaw and choose the cheapest possible place to stay, the flight and accommodation for two people will amount to PLN 2,176, which is roughly the amount we spend in a travel agency on a trip for one person. On the other hand, we will face additional expenses, a considerable part of which will be food.

We can fly directly to Turkey, namely the city of Antalya, from Warsaw, Wrocław, Katowice, Poznań and Gdańsk. As indicated by Skyscanner, currently the cheapest flights are from the capital of Lower Silesia. The flights are operated by Corendon Airlines – a Turkish charter airline based in Antalya. A return flight (July 24 and 31, 2021) will cost us EUR 104.21 per passenger, i.e. PLN 475.52 at the exchange rate from April 10. In Antalya itself and along the coast, we will be able to spend the night in three-star facilities at a price of even less than PLN 1,000 for two people per week. This means that two people a week in Turkey will spend less than 2,000. PLN, not including the costs of food, transport and entertainment on site.

When it comes to Egypt, when choosing low-cost airlines, we must take into account the need to change. The cheapest flight is Warsaw – Istanbul – Hurghada (departure July 1, return July 8), operated by Turkish Airlines. We will pay just over PLN 1,400 per person for a return flight. You have to take into account that a one-way trip will take over 12.5 hours, which is quite troublesome when traveling for a week. When it comes to the stay itself, you can spend the night in Egypt really cheap, but we assumed that we are interested in rooms and apartments of at least three-star standard. For an apartment rented from a private person, we will pay about 600 PLN per week. Together with the cost of tickets, it gives about PLN 3,400.

So book it yourself, i.e. go with a travel agency? The answer, as always in such situations, is: it depends. From our family situation (we travel with or without children?), Flexibility in choosing travel dates (the cheapest tickets are usually in the middle of the week), preferred departure point, the number of things we want to take with us, food expectations and requirements when it comes to for a standard of rest.

Undoubtedly, in the era of a pandemic and the uncertainty associated with it, intermediaries have several advantages over traveling alone. Tourists turn to organized trips because they do not have to worry that their flight or booking will be lost as a result of sudden changes in regulations. If the flight is postponed and it becomes necessary to arrange an overnight stay, this problem will be borne by the operator. An additional advantage of travel agencies is free coronavirus tests, which are increasingly often added to travel offers.

– Currently, customers book their trips at the last minute. They are waiting for the weather forecast and information on lifting restrictions, Offices are very flexible, they allow for cost-free changes of dates and directions. 

Using an intermediary can pay off when we want a specific accommodation, often from the top shelf. Sometimes operators can offer clients really good conditions at a price better than the facility itself. Intermediaries reserve hotel rooms in bulk and well in advance, so they receive more attractive rates than individuals.

However, it is worth being aware that a lot depends on the direction. We can count on cheap holidays with an intermediary when we decide to go to popular destinations that have been visited by Poles for years. Exotic countries (and not Zanzibar, Cuba or the Dominican Republic, which are already widely available in the offer of tour operators) are still the cheapest to discover on your own.

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