We all know the jokes about Mother-in-law’s, they will either welcome you with open arms, as a new “son-in-law” pinching your cheeks and giving you the best silverware and crockery in the house or else, will disapprove of their daughter’s choice of man. In case of daughter-in-law, we often have this image that they both can’t gel together, but the time has changed now, daughter-in-law are mostly office goers today. So bondings are better. The traditional image of Mother-in law is she is often central to the hub of the family, cares for her grandchildren rather take them to nursery and take care of all necessary housework.
This image is very traditional however and it must be remembered that all mother-in-law’s are individual and may react to your marriage differently.

Generally however if you remain respectful to her and her daughter and show your love then you will do well.

How to impress your mother-in-law today? – Flowers are the best bet to impress, always be polite manners and offering to be helpful, but not imposing. As we spend more time together it allows the family to unite and to become accustomed to with one another.

In Polish custom men and women can give flowers or any other present to their mother-in law, because once married, a mother-in-law should be treated as if she were your own mother.

I hope this advice is helpful to all our readers, for long and happy relationship. Remember that a little compromise and understanding goes a long way in any family whether Indian or Polish.

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