Adam Finn is professor of pediatrics at the Bristol Children’s Vaccine Centre, University of Bristol. He has published a very interesting article in “The Guardian” with the answers for the question which most of us have in mind: How did we get Covid-19 vaccines so quickly?

He wrote ten main reasons to explain how we got the vaccines so fast. They are:

  • 1. Pandemic plans were already in place
  • 2. China identified a novel coronavirus early on
  • 3. Substantial funding was granted immediately
  • 4. The clinical trials process was speeded up
  • 5. Vaccine trials started straightaway
  • 6. Research data was collected electronically
  • 7. Studies attracted a huge number of volunteers
  • 8. Trials have yielded rapid results
  • 9. Early vaccines worked well
  • 10. Regulation took place while the studies were continuing

To read the article in detail, “click here

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