On Friday, February 12, the District Court for Warsaw-Praga Północ sentenced a former police officer to 12 years imprisonment. Piotr B, together with his wife Agnieszka B, had abused his young sons and record pornographic films.

A former police officer forced his wife to have sex with animals and with her own son. He was abusing children! Piotr B recorded pornographic films with the participation of children. He molested his wife and forced her into sex with son and other children. The reports show that the children were beaten with hands, cloths, slippers, boys were locked in the basement or forced to stand in a corner for many hours. The children were also victims of starvation or force-feeding.

Thanks to Katarzyna W, who was his stepdaughter, this issue came to the limelight of investigation. She had suffered sexual harassment by Piotr B when she had to life with him while her mom was married to Piotr B. “Earlier I was afraid to say what he did to me because I knew he was a policeman, he had deals. I thought no one would believe me. However, when my brothers told me what was going on there, I knew I had to do something about it. I searched for a long time for a place where I could submit a complaint,” said Katarzyna W. She also added that, in her opinion, everyone knew what was happening in Piotr B’s house, because children often came to the kindergarten hungry and beaten, but nobody did anything!

Agnieszka B, the present wife of Piotr B, was his partner in crime. On Friday, February 12, 2021, court issued a judgment in this case. The court found the accused guilty of the acts charged by the prosecution. Agnieszka B. was sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment. And she has to pay 30k Pln to her elder son and 10k for the younger son. Piotr B. was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

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